How To Increase The Safety of Your Pool Fence

How To Increase The Safety of Your Pool Fence

The fence around your pool is about more than just decoration – it is also about safety. A pool fence acts as a secondary barrier for children and pets, as well as reducing the risk of potential debris getting into the pool. Keeping your pool clean will also prolong the life of your filter. More importantly, it prevents the possibility of an unattended child from accessing areas immediately around a swimming pool. Even the most effective pool fence is not as secure as parental supervision.


You will be able to install a fence that is not only safe, but it looks good too! You will be able to get both safety and aesthetics out of your pool fence. While you should prioritize safety, you should not have to give up on having a nice looking property just because you are installing a fence around your pool.

Safety Is King And Aesthetic Is Queen

Safety and privacy are essential when choosing a fence system. Whether that pool is in a residential or commercial setting, safety is first, but you should not have to sacrifice aesthetics.

  • Design scheme – do you want wood or PVC or something else? Think about what looks best in your neighborhood. If you have neighbors that all have the same type of pool fence, you might want to consider getting something similar so your neighborhood looks unified.
  • The strength of steel – steel or wrought iron is going to be the strongest and most durable option.
  • Hard to Climb Options – the point of a pool fence is to keep out unsupervised pets and children, so make sure you select an option that cannot easily be climbed by kids looking to use your pool.


Whether or not you are legally required to have a pool fence or not, remember that the main goal of installing a pool fence is to prevent accidents from happening. Your pool should be secure when not in use so that no child or pet can accidentally fall into the pool.

Check Local Fencing Codes To Ensure Compliance

Private nonresidential swimming pools have standard height and enclosure requirements. They will also indicate configuration requirements such as slatting, self-closing and self-latching features, making them inaccessible to unaccompanied children.

  • Some residential pools only require 4-foot fencing
  • Public swimming pools often require 6-foot fencing to deter break-ins.

Regulations can differ between commercial and residential designs, so it is important to check the rules and regulations in your local area before deciding on a fence to install. Be on the lookout for any changes to rules in your region, and it’s a good idea to read up on local rules at least once a year.

In-Ground Versus Above Ground Fences

Regulations may apply to both in-ground and above-ground pools, and you should check with your local municipality to determine what pool fence requirements are in your town.

Above-ground pools can exercise the option of not being fenced if they are four or more feet above the ground, any stairs into the pool are retractable, and pool-operational apparatus such as pool pumps or heaters, cannot be conveniently used as makeshift stairs into the pool. In other words, you might be able to get away without a fence if your above-ground pool is not susceptible to accidents. If a child cannot get into the pool easily, you might not need a fence.

In-ground pools almost always require a safety fence, since nothing else could so easily prevent accidental drownings.

Water-Front Properties

In some municipalities, fencing is not required for waterfront yards. Though not required, having a child-safe pool fence can give a homeowner peace of mind and lower insurance rates. Just because it isn’t a requirement doesn’t mean you should skimp on safety. A pool fence can save a child or pet’s life, and that is always worth the investment!

Final Thoughts

Remember – safety first! You want to keep your family safe while you have fun in the pool. Your goal is to create a safe environment and keep out unwanted visitors. A pool fence might help you lower your home insurance rates and will help prevent accidents. You will not have to sacrifice aesthetics, as most pool fences come in nicely designed options, so you can have both safety and design in mind when you purchase your pool fence.

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