Decorative Railing System Solutions: Elevating Commercial and Residential Boundaries

Decorative Railing System Solutions: Elevating Commercial and Residential Boundaries

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  • Post published:January 11, 2024

Commercial and residential spaces can both be elevated by the right additions to your property. By investing in stunning metalwork like a decorative railing system from MFR Corp, your property’s overall value can increase drastically. Plus, MFR Corp is dedicated to only producing high-quality, American-made solutions from up to 85% recycled steel materials. Our dedication to superior solutions ensures long-lasting, reliable, beautiful, and valuable investments for our clients. 

When it’s time to shop for your next decorative railing system, we are happy to help. Call us any time to set up a consultation, or visit our website to review past projects, learn more about us and our products, and review our gallery of beautiful METALCO solutions. 

Here are the basics about elevating commercial and residential boundaries with decorative railing system solutions from MFR Corp. 

Decorative Railing System Solutions for Everyone’s Needs

Many places can benefit from a decorative railing system from MFR Corp. We work with companies of all types from major sports teams to universities, local school systems, postal offices, state parks, the US Navy, and beyond. No project is too small or too large for our team. 

Our pre-designed options make it easy for individuals interested in a new decorative railing system to find what they are looking for. However, we understand that finding the right investment for your needs often requires custom detailing. 

That’s why we also provide a 100% customization option with numerous colors, finishes, and coatings available. Just contact our team with your ideas and we will pair you with a custom engineer and designer. During your meetings, you will work with computer-aided technology to craft a unique design that meets your exact specifications. 

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Railing Design Options 

With our decorative railing system options, we provide two main configurations outside of a custom solution. These are the Grigliato and the Select railing systems. The Grigliato offers a versatile solution for your property. Known for its strong frame, it is built to last and withstand more natural wear and tear. All our designs are protected by a standard twenty-year warranty, including our Grigliato railing system. This design showcases a beautiful ornamental grille that adds a light and airy appearance to your property. It also enables functionality for all of your railing needs and is scalable based on the scope of your project needs. 

Our Select design is also an attractive investment for all types of properties. The METALCO Select system offers an extensive collection of designs, including expanded metal railings, woven wire, and perforated screen railing choices. This offers unlimited combinations of colors, style elements, and detailing for more possibilities at your fingertips. This design offers flexibility, beauty, and functionality bundled together in one well-engineered solution for your needs. 

High-Quality Metals Sourced in the United States

At MFR Corp, using high-quality and durable materials is important to us. That’s why we source all of our material within the United States, where we can guarantee the source and quality. This is also part of our dedication to utilizing more sustainable measures in our production of METALCO solutions. These efforts have earned us LEED recognition for using up to 85% recycled steel and crafting a unique powder coating solution. Our powder coating solution actually uses less initial paint and produces less excess runoff. As a result, we are able to decrease the amount of overall waste we create during our coating process and during our initial manufacturing measures. You can learn more about our American-made promise and our LEED certification on our website. 

What Sets Us Apart from Other Decorative Railing System Providers?

We hope that learning a little about MFR Corp’s decorative railing system options has given you a place to begin your search. However, it can feel overwhelming with so many companies on the market offering railing solutions. We want to share a little more about what sets us apart from the competition. 

To be honest, not all railing systems are created equally. 

At MFR Corp, our LEED efforts, dedication to high-quality American materials, and wide range of railing options are just the start. We also craft designs with function, beauty, and value. Plus, we employ the most cutting-edge innovations in computer-aided design (CAD) technology to always stay at the forefront with our railing solutions. CAD systems allow greater precision and attention to detail during the manufacturing process. This creates a smaller margin of error and is part of what makes our twenty-year warranty possible. 

You can learn more about what is covered under our warranty here! Our warranty does include some basic weather protection against things like extensive corrosion due to heavy rainfall, etc. Furthermore, our low-maintenance railing designs make choosing MFR Corp for your decorative railing system investment an even clearer choice. 

Contact MFR Corp for Decorative Railing System Solutions Today!

When it comes to your future railing system investment, MFR Corp is here to help. Our METALCO products have earned us a reputation as one of the nation’s leading metalwork companies for gate, rail, screen, and fence systems alike. Ask us about our customer solutions, and review our decorative railing system gallery today for more inspiration. Get started now!


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