Why USA Sourced Metals Are Better Than Other Options

Why USA Sourced Metals Are Better Than Other Options

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  • Post published:May 19, 2023

When it comes to reliable fencing solutions, working with a company you can trust is important. You want to invest in a metal fabrications company that has your back with high-quality, long-lasting solutions. At MFR Corp, we are dedicated to using USA sourced metals for our metal fabrications, including fence, rail, gate, and screen systems. We also use local metals for our architectural pieces and custom designs. Unfortunately, many competing companies use outsourced metals from overseas, which are not as reliable in the long run. Cheaper and lower-quality metals come with a hidden price tag, often requiring serious repairs within a few years of installation.

Luckily, our solutions with USA sourced metals at MFR Corp are guaranteed to last. Here is why USA sourced metals are better than other options. Learn more about us, our mission, and our high-quality materials on our website today. Contact us when you are ready to begin your project with our METALCO experts. 

American-Made for Eco-Friendly Measures that Last 

Investing in high-quality materials is simple when you focus on American-made options. Furthermore, using American-made metal fabrications can reduce the carbon footprint used to location, ship, and craft metal solutions. At MFR Manufacturing, we consider the process of designing our METALCO solutions with American-made metals to be part of a bigger picture. When we use USA-sourced metals, we are also taking steps toward environmentally friendly practices that have earned us a LEED certification seal. 

At MFR Corp, we use 85% recycled steel materials that are sourced right here in the United States. Our environmentally positive designs integrate locally sourced metals with durable, stunning, and functional engineering CAD drawings for optimal results. Furthermore, we continue our eco-friendly practices beyond the metal that we use for our metal design. We also provide an eco-friendly powder coating process which has less of an impact on the environment than traditional paint application methods. With less waste, less chemical runoff, and a faster application time, our powder coating solutions help your investment look pristine. 

Finally, we help the environment through crafting long-lasting solutions that won’t need to be replaced within a few years. This reduces the amount of overall waste materials used within the lifespan of your property. 

A Twenty-Year Warranty to Back Us Up

MFR Corp stands by our principles and our materials. That is why all of our products come with a standard twenty-year warranty. Our warranty protects against many natural aging factors and external concerns like extreme weather conditions. Our twenty-year warranty, paired with high-quality metals stronger than most options on the commercial market, offer you greater protection for your METALCO investment. 

In comparison, options like traditional chain-link designs don’t offer the same peace of mind. Chain-link fences are actually quite weak and can be damaged with wire-cutters or other tools. Instead, our fencing solutions implement a unique grid-pattern design which makes them durable against natural weather conditions as well as potential criminals. They are virtually unclimbable and wire-cutter-resistant. Using USA sourced metals and unique patented designs, we offer you more for your money, secured with a twenty-year warranty.

USA sourced metals

USA Sourced Metals and Custom Solutions

Using USA sourced metals also gives METALCO’s design and engineering team the peace of mind they need when crafting custom solutions. Custom designs require a specialized team of expert engineers and designers to work one-on-one with our clients. We aim to provide durable, functional, beautiful, and secure metal solutions during our 100% customization process. If you require a custom solution, we are here to help with designs that can be customized according to your needs. 

For example, if you require an oversized gate solution, our team can work with you to make your needs a reality using our USA sourced metals. We know the quality of the metal and can best work with those materials to craft your unique solution. 

USA Sourced Metals and the Buy American Act 

MFR Manufacturing supports the Buy American Act. In our root values, we aim to help the American economy by manufacturing and selling our products right here in America. As a result, we are dedicated to helping boost the economy, producing jobs for our US citizens, and creating reliable metal designs that last. Finally, using locally sourced metals helps ensure we are doing our part to protect the environment with fair eco-friendly practices. 

In addition to domestically-sourced metals, our products are US-manufactured.

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