Which Fence System Is Right For Your Business?

Which Fence System Is Right For Your Business?

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  • Post published:September 19, 2019

Have you been thinking of adding privacy, security, or decoration to the exterior of your business? Many of our popular fence systems will offer a solution for you. At MFR Corporation, we build fence systems to meet your business’s needs, whether it be functional or aesthetic. We offer a range of color choices, levels of security, degrees of privacy and visibility, and ornamental features. MFR Manufacturing Corporation, Inc. has created innovative designs to appeal to all business and community needs. When choosing a fence system, it is important to consider our options and the features each choice offers.

Grigliato Fence System

The Grigliato fence system is one of our most flexible and customizable options. It’s suitable for both commercial and industrial purposes. It offers medium- to high-security options. The fence is an electro-forge-welded, galvanized steel bar mesh. This gives you flexibility to choose your visibility depending on its purpose. Our unique railing system also provides many design solutions. Because of this, it appeals to those who want a more attractive fence. Its versatility means this system works in many places. It’s found in schools, military, urban, commercial, residential, and other institutions. This option is the most customizable, so MFR Corp works with you to create a design solution that solves your business’s issues.

Twinbar Fence System

The Twinbar system is forge-welded, galvanized wire mesh, but it includes one vertical wire sandwiched between two horizontal wires. The vertical and horizontal wires make the Twinbar fencing system virtually indestructible. As a result, it’s a great way to replace old or unsafe chain link fencing. Many people love Twinbar because it’s durable but still looks good. Despite its light appearance, our Twinbar design offers triple strength, durability, and protection. We pride ourselves on the fact that it is more rigid than any other welded wire system on the market. It is also available in a wide variety of colors. Many types of businesses use our Twinbar fencing system. You can find it in playgrounds, railroads, parks, and residential communities.

Amego Fence System

The Amego fencing system is a stylish wire mesh system. It’s priced for businesses that are looking for an alternative to expensive ornamental fences. While it’s a less expensive option, its quality is not compromised. The system is made up of forged-welded wire mesh panels with horizontal reinforcement ribs that provide extra strength and durability. It is a secure fencing system that is difficult to climb. As a result, it blocks intruders from entering. With this system, there are customizable options and colors available to ensure that the fence fits in your landscaping. The Amego fencing system suits a wide array of businesses, including airports, parks, industrial, commercial, and many more.


Our Securite fencing system is our most suitable option for high security. It is also a welded wire mesh system, but it offers a thicker mesh and a double wire design for added security and protection. Depending on your needs, you can install it with either a horizontal or vertical mesh alignment.  The Securite option is an affordable, durable solution for a business requiring high security.  With its small opening, strongly welded joints, and small mesh, it has innovative features to prevent cutting, climbing, and destruction, no matter the efforts.

The four main types of fence systems we offer have helped businesses and communities for more than 40 years. We value customization, longevity, durability, and ease of installation. We have designed, manufactured, and installed fences for airports, high-security prisons, government agencies, playgrounds, stadiums, residences, and many other businesses in both rural and urban environments.  Call our team of experienced engineers and architectural designers today at 815-472-9154 to get a quote for your business.


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