Worried About Crime? Here is How Reliable Fencing Can Help!

Worried About Crime? Here is How Reliable Fencing Can Help!

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  • Post published:June 5, 2023

Crime at the workplace can be a major threat that plagues even the most prepared of property owners. Luckily, modern technology offers numerous ways to stay on top of crime prevention. One way to invest in the security of your business is through reliable fencing solutions from a professional company you can trust. Protecting your assets with reliable fencing is simple when you have durable materials, long-lasting solutions, and the right features in place. 

That’s where we enter the picture at MFR Corp METALCO fencing solutions. We offer reliable fencing for businesses of all types to help reduce crime, add privacy, and improve aesthetics. Learn more about all of our services and fencing options by exploring our website today. We offer CAD drawings and insights into past projects, which are great resources for business owners who want to preview our work. 

Types of Crime that Might Occur at Your Business

Business security can be threatened by several possible types of crime. All types of businesses can become victims of vandalism. In minor cases, vandalism is an annoyance that takes some time to clean up. However, in serious vandalism situations, your business could be out thousands of dollars in damages and repairs. Therefore, reliable fencing is a wise investment to protect your business. 

Additionally, break-ins and theft are not uncommon in the commercial sector. If valuable assets, equipment, and belongings are stored on commercial properties, thieves can strategically target these properties. However, reliable fencing is an effective measure and can add security features like grid-lock and anti-wire cutter grid capabilities.

Features of MFR Corp’s Reliable Fencing 

MFR Corp offers numerous fencing options that are perfect for business owners who are concerned about security and safety in their area. Whether you are worried about vandals, theft, or other types of crime, we can help.

Our wide variety of fencing systems, including welded-wire, anti-climb mesh, ornamental grille-style, and steel plate fencing, make our fences virtually unclimbable, unscalable, uncuttable, and long-lasting. Compared to traditional wire fences, our powerful grid technology protects your business from break-ins.

Plus, you can pair these features with add-ons like vandal-resistant hardware, razor wire, or barbed wire detailing for even more protection. An angled return can also help to prevent climbing. By working one-on-one with our team of engineers and designers, you can create a unique fence that works perfectly for your needs. 

Fences Built to Last 

Just like having secure features in place is critical to protect your business, so too are the materials you use. That is why MFR Corp commits to using the highest-quality materials from here in the USA. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and quality. We use 85% locally sourced recycled steel, which is part of our eco-friendly measures. 

Furthermore, technology using galvanized steel creates longer-lasting solutions that can withstand more extreme weather conditions and aging. As a result, your fencing investment will not become easily weakened with time or weather patterns. All of this is covered by our twenty-year warranty, which you can learn more about on our website. 

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Choose Reliable Fencing with MFR Corp’s Inventory

MFR Corp offers four main fencing styles that can be further customized to suit your preferences. These options include the Grigliato, Twinbar, Amego, and Securitie. You can learn more about each style on our website. 

However, we understand that many individuals have specific needs requiring further customization. That is why METALCO offers a 100% customization process for all your fence needs. You get to work one-on-one with our team of designers and engineers. Discussing your concerns and needs as a business owner, brainstorming ideas, and approving blueprints ensures you receive a high-quality fence. 

Contact MFR Manufacturing to Get Started Now!

If you are ready to add security, beauty, and functionality to your place of business, don’t wait. MFR Corp is one of the nation’s leading companies when it comes to security fencing solutions. We offer standard designs as well as custom solutions for your needs. With features such as anti-climb grid-lock systems and wire cutter-resistant grids, we have more to offer when it comes to truly secure fencing. Contact us today by calling 815-318-0843 for your quote. Our team will be here to answer all of your questions and help you find the perfect commercial fencing for your enterprise. 


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