State of The Art Strategies for Government Fencing Projects

State of The Art Strategies for Government Fencing Projects

There is a reason that more government fencing projects are being contracted with Metalco; as one of the leading manufacturers and installers of quality fencing systems, word gets around pretty fast about who is reliable and professional in the industry.

We are proud to serve both the public and private sectors but are especially honored to get the nod from multiple governmental agencies in demand of solid fencing solutions, including:

  • Fresno Police Station
  • US Army
  • US Post Office
  • Federal Bureau of Prisons

Of course, our experience extends well into the private sector. For instance, one challenging rush project which was taken on with enthusiasm and confidence was supporting the NFL Tennessee Titans by providing over 8,200 fence and railing panels at the TN Titans NFL Stadium before the start of the 1998 football season.

This was no simple task of connecting a massive amount of fence and railing panels but also entailed security fencing for the entire perimeter of the premises, gates at every entrance, with interior railing wherever ramps appeared. Now in place for over two decades, the versatility of our Grigliato product line proved to be both functional and durable for this stadium that packs in close to 70,000 avid fans for each home game.

More on our government and private sector projects.

Intelligent Strategies Earn More Government Contracts

We recognize that security always remains a top priority, but we also believe that such safety should not interfere with aesthetics and functionality. It is this combined common-sense approach that convinces so many agencies to commit their government fencing projects with a known and proven entity capable of delivering quality work in a timely manner.

Because of our long and successful history of working with government agencies large and small, we intimately understand and adhere to their procedures; we regularly access GSA design and construction opportunities as advertised on, where we are registered to do business with the US government. We also find this website to be an excellent resource for obtaining drawings and specifications which are electronically issued and distributed through their massive electronic database.

When we speak of intelligent strategies, this includes innovation, thoughtfulness, and initiative. Rather than serve as a mere contractor, we become virtual partners with our clients, taking ownership of their concerns and goals while bringing our professional experience and perfection to their table. Because of this unusual and humane approach, there is more camaraderie and a sense of team spirit even within typically staid governmental agencies like the US Post Office.

For over two decades, our fresh and intelligent approach has not only won many government fencing projects but also built long-lasting relationships resulting in referrals and recurring business with satisfied agencies. We strive to elevate our work beyond expert craftsmanship, considering our highly experienced and enthusiastically dedicated workforce to be more like artisans, considering their years of experience, professional skills, and the state-of-the-art equipment and tools of which they are masters.

When you are entrusted with designing, perfecting, and constructing innovative fence, gate, railing, and architectural screening systems for over 20 years, word gets around. Happy clients share experiences. Thanks to the work ethic and craftsmanship of our metalworking professionals, a positive reputation has grown. We pride ourselves on our ability to hear our customers, helping them realize their vision from planning all the way through to installation and beyond.

From our perspective, we just want to do the best job possible.

Kudos Over Our Quality Fence Systems

We never tire of hearing how our fence systems regularly surprise and please our clients by the aesthetics, durability, functionality, and, most especially, security of our high-quality fence systems. Over time, they also realize what a valuable investment they made by deciding to select from the finest quality fence systems on the market today; inadequate or inexpensive fencing can actually depreciate the value of a property whereas a top-quality fence system more than pays for itself in service, endurance, and improved values.

As experts in fence systems, we performed our due diligence and identified the best fence systems worth consideration:

  • “AMEGO” Fence System – the truly affordable alternative to chain link fencing, it is secure and difficult to scale, while offering an unobtrusive presence that offers clearer views
  • “GRIGLIATO” Fence System –  designed for the most demanding industrial and commercial applications, this heavy-duty fence delivers triple the strength, durability, and protection of most other fencing systems
  • “SECURITE” Fence System –  the ultimate security fence solution is also affordable and durable, employing either a vertical or horizontal mesh panel (1/2″ x 3″) that is guaranteed for 20 years
  • “TWINBAR” Fence System – this wire mesh fence system outperforms the common chain link fence in so many ways, providing longevity, rigidity, and security while retaining an elegant presence

Now that you see the solution, the choice is obvious. To begin collaborations, simply contact us and we will be back in touch with you within one business day. After we grasp your wants and needs, we can recommend the best path to accomplish your goals while increasing the value of your investment through the intelligent and artful installation of the finest quality fence systems available today.


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