5 Metal Art Pieces: Inspiration and Ideas for Your Next Installation

5 Metal Art Pieces: Inspiration and Ideas for Your Next Installation

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  • Post published:February 3, 2023

metal artAdding an art piece installation to your business could help significantly elevate your property’s value. When it comes to choosing your next metal art installation, you need the help of professional metal fabrication experts at MFR Corp. We use the latest METALCO solutions to design and craft stunning metal art pieces which are sure to impress. With multiple finishes and styles to choose from, along with our galvanized steel process, you receive top-quality, beautiful finishes. 

If you are ready to start crafting the perfect piece for your property, add beauty to your business, and ensure long-lasting durability, don’t wait. Let our MFR Corp team help you today – reach out or explore our website to learn more. In the meantime, here are five art pieces for inspirational ideas for your next installation to get you brainstorming. 

Your Business Logo

One fun and innovative way to help promote your business is to invest in a metal art piece using your logo or business name. MFR Corp sources our metal materials right here in the United States. This not only cuts costs but also ensures the highest-quality materials. Choosing to add a business logo or name metal art piece to your property works in a few positive ways for your business. 

First, it helps promote the name of your business. It is easy marketing which can be viewed by those strolling or driving by. Second, it provides a long-lasting solution. In contrast, a billboard can be costly to rent and temporary banners need to be replaced. Finally, it can help raise the actual value of your property as an installed permanent piece. In other words, choosing to create a metal art piece that uses your business logo is a smart choice.

Eye-Catching Statement Piece

You could also choose to craft a metal art piece that has no direct connection to your enterprise but is a beautiful statement piece. The main goal of a statement piece is to draw attention to your business. Those who pass by should be drawn in by the unique style and bold choices of a statement piece. Whether you need something small and elegant or big and bold, MFR Corp can help. We offer a 100% customization process for all our metal fabrications, including metal art pieces. When you choose us, you can meet directly with our engineers and designers to ensure your ideal statement pieces come to life. 

Functional Metal Art Pieces

While adding something to your property for the added beauty and value is a good choice, nobody said metal art couldn’t also be functional. We offer metal fabrications which can double as fence, railing, or gate systems and metal art pieces at the same time. We make it simple to turn any ugly old fence into a work of art with our METALCO fencing solutions. 

From fence systems with beautiful carving and detailed cut-outs to railing systems with intricate moldings, we can make it all possible. If you have some ideas of metal art pieces you would like to add to your property but are limited on space or also need a fence, gate, or railing system, this is a good route to consider. You can save money at all steps, ensure quality materials, and add extra elegance to your property.  

Benches and Seats 

We also offer a wide range of unique benches and seating solutions that can double as art pieces for your property. When it comes to functional art, benches and seats are a great investment for your place of business. Customers and visitors alike will enjoy the added beauty as well as convenience of a bench METALCO product from MFR Corp Solutions. We have worked with local schools, corporations, and sporting facilities on seating and bench solutions which also wow with their decorative element. 

Statues and Fountains

Finally, MFR Corp can also help you add a fountain or metal art statues to your property. We specialize in a variety of styles and designs and can match you with a designer who meets your current aesthetic. Then we can help you set a budget. get an idea of finishes and color options you might desire, and begin crafting a blueprint. When you are satisfied with your unique blueprint design, we send your metal art pieces off to our USA-based manufacturers. Finally, once your metal art pieces are ready for installation, we will inform you. A unique fountain or statue on your business’s property can be the perfect addition. 

Contact MFR Corp Today

Wherever your ideas and dreams of metal art pieces may take you, we are here to help at MFR Corp. We have over 25 years of experience crafting unique, long-lasting, durable, and beautiful metal art pieces for businesses across the nation. Even better, we offer a one-on-one design process with our expert engineers. They can help you get the exact metal art piece of your dreams. Let us help – give us a call at 815-472-9086 to get your custom quote today.


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