Our Gate System CAD Drawings Help Designers Save Valuable Time

Our Gate System CAD Drawings Help Designers Save Valuable Time

For professionals working in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) community, there are plenty of challenges facing them when it comes to creating a new design project. Trying to remain on budget while delivering quality designs is not always easy, but fortunately for these professionals, there is no need to reinvent the wheel each time they face the drawing board and try to conjure up a new landscape or full property design. Instead, head over to Metalco, where you can browse through our extensive library of CAD drawings offering a variety of models from which to choose; once the basic CAD design is selected, it’s easy to deck it out with the extra features and benefits desired, all while retaining and taking advantage of the essential functionality of the design.

The Basics of CAD Drawings

Computer-aided design (CAD, for short) is the process whereby a user accesses and manipulates a CAD computer program to create physical structures in two- or three-dimensional models, intended to emulate real-life situations as concerning the material properties employed in the design. While the primary domain of engineers and a central component of their work, artists and hobbyists also use CAD programs to create a variety of images and models demonstrating architectural designs, animations, physics simulations, and ray tracing (simulating the physical behavior of light to create realistic and accurate lighting).

There are a range of CAD programs users can use to develop their own CAD drawings; the most popular include:

  • For commercial applications, you need look no further than Autodesk for an excellent selection of CAD software, including:
    AutoCAD – for the engineer or architect demanding the ultimate, this is it, as you get design automation along with fabulous toolsets, and awesome web and mobile apps, meaning you can be connected wherever you are
    3ds Max – for game designers, nothing will top this software, as you are given complete artistic control, allowing for huge game worlds, smooth animation, and amazing architectural renderings
    Maya – for films, software, and games, this software offers excellent animation, modeling, rendering, and simulation functionality
  • For lovers of open-source offerings, Blender is likely your cup of tea; everything 3D-related you will likely find here, including animation, compositing and motion tracking, modeling, rendering, rigging, and simulation, with all of it free and supported by a vast community of users
  • Finally, a web-based application is found in SketchUp, offering a variety of access levels from free to about $700 per year, each level providing differing scales of services and features

The Advantages of CAD Drawings

It’s always fun to scratch out some design ideas on paper, but you will always encounter limitations when employing that method. On the other hand, CAD drawings offer clear advantages, such as:

  • 3D Modeling – while it’s possible to create a 3D model by hand, it is difficult, time-consuming, and inaccurate, whereas a CAD 3d modeling feature can convert 2D models, while rendering precise dimensions and configurations for all 3D models
  • Easy Modification – watching the evolution of a new design is easy with CAD software, as your modifications are tracked as new features and functions are included in the model
  • Global Mobility – with our advanced telecommunications, we can converse anywhere in the world with other colleagues while reviewing the same CAD models, making possible opportunities for greater collaboration and shared ingenuity
  • Greater Security – unlike a paper drawing, which someone can snatch and copy, thus taking advantage of the creativity and hard work of others, CAD programs provide permission controls which only grants access to authorized users
  • Infinite Copies – as a model goes through its growth and modifications, it is not uncommon for multiple departments and individuals to be contributing to the final design, making shared documents a true advantage over paper prototypes
  • Seamless Integrations – both CAM (computer aided manufacturing) and CAE (computer aided engineering) packages can use CAD files to get up and running on a new project
  • Short Learning Curve – CAD software thinks the way product designers and engineers think, meaning the users most likely to get the most from these programs are those professionals who think spatially

Pen and paper models will still have a place at the design table, particularly for those creative types inspired to scribble down ideas on the spur of the moment, but admittedly technology has impressively upped the ante for architects and engineers by bringing CAD design to full fruition and expanding far beyond what paper scratchings can produce.

Step Up Your Performance With These Gate System CAD Drawings

Easier than learning CAD software itself, our impressive library of gate system CAD drawings can make your job easier and faster by giving you a swift start out of the gate (pun intended!) and on to the finish line of your project. Our gate system CAD drawings are divided into two general categories: swing gates and slide gates with each CAD drawing providing a fully working DWG file (used with AutoCad and readable by most CAD programs) and an illustrated PDF file.

Swing Gates

For many uses, swing gates are ideal. There are only hinges and latches with which to be concerned, and are generally less expensive thanks to their basic design and function. In the category of swing gates, we offer four standard, fully functional models, as follows:

  • Double Swing Gate – standard template design for any double swing gate (DWG filePDF file)
  • Single Swing Gate – standard template design for any single swing gate (DWG filePDF file)
  • TWINBAR® Single Swing Gate – a single swing gate design for this popular and sturdy fencing system (DWG filePDF file)
  • TWINBAR® Fence with Walk Gate – detailed design for integrating a swing gate within a TWINBAR® fence system (DWG filePDF file)

Slide Gates

The advantage of slide gates is the economy of space; in places where space is a premium, slide gates are the logical design choice. In the category of slide gates, we offer two standard, fully functional models, as follows:

  • Cantilever Slide Gate – this design is perfect for uneven areas, such as sloped driveways, since the gate slides securely on a track and can be easily locked against unwanted intrusions (DWG filePDF file)
  • V-Track Roller Gate – thanks to its modular capabilities and ability to handle lightweight materials, adding rolling wheels to the base of a fence is a simple yet effective option for slide gates (DWG filePDF file)

By adding these gate system CAD drawings to your design library, you will find starting up new projects involving gates and fences just got easier and faster.

Our gate system CAD drawings aren’t the only valuable files in our library. You may also want to investigate these useful categories:

By integrating our entire library of fence, railing, screen, and gate system CAD drawings into your own collection, you can be assured that project design and completion will significantly improve, equating to a higher ROI for your time and talents.


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