Why You’ll Want a Twenty-Year Warranty on Your New Fencing System

Why You’ll Want a Twenty-Year Warranty on Your New Fencing System

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  • Post published:April 21, 2022

Investing in a new fence system is a great way to add value to your commercial or residential property. However, it can be daunting to make this investment without knowing how it will hold up over time. You want a system that not only performs short-term but is also guaranteed for a lifetime. MFR Corp believes in crafting durable, corrosion-resistant fence systems that add beauty, value, and security to your property for decades.

Choosing the right fence system for your property is simple with the expert advice and insights of our customer service representatives. Our engineers and fence system designers create every fencing system with principles of longevity, durability, and weatherability in mind. Plus, every system we offer comes with a standard twenty-year warranty that ensures your fence lasts a lifetime or will be replaced. Learn more about our standard MFR Corp twenty-year warranty by visiting our website today. Here is why you’ll want a twenty-year warranty on your new fencing system from MFR Corp. 

We Promise Longevity with Every Fence with Our Twenty-Year Warranty

We decided to offer our clients a twenty-year warranty on every fencing system because we know we can promise that longevity. Regardless of which system you choose, our fences are designed with quality metal fabrications that last a lifetime. From creation to manufacturing and installation, we pay close attention to detail to avoid mistakes that cause wear and tear on fence systems. With little need for drastic maintenance, our fences can withstand natural weather conditions. We create fences so strong that they are nearly wire cutter-resistant, making them impenetrable to criminals. All of these factors contribute to a reliable fence system that promises longevity for home and business owners. 

Corrosion and Rust Prevention Measures

Our twenty-year warranty also covers rust and corrosion prevention. Using high-quality metal for every fencing system ensures our fences won’t corrode or rust as other metal fencing options will over time. However, our warranty is here for you if rusting or corrosion does occur. Many competing metal fabrication companies can’t provide that same assurance with their warranty plans. 

How do we accomplish this longevity? Our coating options come in galvanized-only, powder coated-only, and galvanized/powder coated-only and will not rust for up to twenty years and won’t pollute the environment on your property. 

Former Fence System Projects Still Standing Today

MFR Corp has had the opportunity to help numerous large corporations as well as small businesses and homeowners to achieve their fence system dreams. With our twenty-year warranty, these corporations are still enjoying the benefits and beauty of their fence systems today. Organizations we have helped with our fence, railing, and gate systems include the United States Postal Service, Eastern Michigan University, New York Transit System, Miami Beach Botanic Gardens, and even Google. Plus, we have helped numerous sports teams establish the right aesthetic for their facilities, from large-scale football stadiums to local sports teams alike. Now your business can also be a part of a growing community of clients supported by MFR Corp’s twenty-year warranty. 

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Our Twenty-Year Warranty Compared to Others 

While many of MFR Corp’s competitors provide warranties, ours is one of the longest and most comprehensive warranty programs available in fence system manufacturing. Our twenty-year warranty goes above and beyond to ensure rust resistance, longevity, and overall durability. Other fence manufacturers only take into account basic wear and tear. Furthermore, we have streamlined our claims process to make it easier than ever to reach out with questions, concerns, or issues regarding your twenty-year warranty. We also believe in transparency and honesty. We offer an easy client portal where you can communicate with us anytime. That’s more than our competitors offer their clients and at an even better price. 

Contact MFR Corp Today To Learn More about Our Twenty-Year Warranty

Shopping for a new fence system is already a detailed process that requires the right knowledge and support. Luckily, MFR Corp is one of the most helpful metal fabrication companies on the market today. We also offer 100% customizable fencing solutions. This means you get exactly what you need when it comes to a new fence system on your property. Plus, our twenty-year warranty is not to be underestimated. Our warranty includes comprehensive rust resistance, longevity and durability. File a claim with ease and we will work with you to fix the issues right away. Learn more about our services and our amazing twenty-year warranty by visiting our website today. You can also contact us today by calling 815-318-0843 for your quote. 


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